Sunday, May 18, 2014

Magnificent Mom of the Month: May 2014

Meet Sara, our May 2014 Magnificent Mom of the Month!  We love her little sweetie showing off her cloth diaper!  

What should everyone know about your adorable family?

That we do our best, but we're not perfect.  Hubby and I both grew up in Germany and still speak German at home with our kids.  My family moved here when I was in high school and husband came through a study abroad program.  

How did you get introduced to cloth diapering?

Through another, no longer in business, cloth diaper store.  I don't remember how I got the idea, but I just couldn't stand the thought of all that trash.  I also listened to a lot of pregnancy podcasts during my first pregnancy (when I had that kind of time) and one of those may have discussed the subject and planted the seed.  

Best diapering tip for a newbie?

Keep it simple and ask for help/advice.  And always pack an extra outfit, or two.

Favorite diaper and why?

Currently pockets.  They are too cute, very functional, easy to use and simple to wash.  

Funniest diapering experience you’ve had?

I don't generally associate funny and diapering... Recently my mom, who watches my kids regularly, was so used to putting liners in my 2-year-old's cloth diapers that I came home to find a liner in her disposable, when she was having a bad rash during a cold.

Best environmental change made since having kids?

No one big change, just little ones.  We probably recycle and reuse more.

Best financial change made since having kids?

Being broke for a little while and staying home with the kids for the last 2+ years.  Buying a lot of kid things used (clothes, toys, etc.).  Nothing wrong with hand-me-downs.  

Best (healthiest, quickest, cheapest) meal for your kids?

Pasta.  Both love noodles of any kind.  If I'm out of spaghetti sauce or don't have time to make some, a can of pureed tomatoes with some seasoning will do just fine.

Moment you realized “I sound like my parents?"

All the time!  A little opposite, but recently I overheard my dad snap at my mom and realized where I get it...

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Magnificent Mom of the Month: April 2014

Meet Amanda, magnificent mama from the "A" Team!

What should everyone know about your adorable family?
All our names start with the letter A. We call ourselves the “A” team. 

How did you get introduced to cloth diapering?
When I was pregnant with my first I heard about the “new” cloth diapers. I was put off by the cost but eventually, after following baby center posts about diapering, I decided to try when she was 3 months old and have never looked back.

Best diapering tip for a newbie?
Do a diaper trial to see what works best for you and what you like. You may be surprised what you end up liking. I swore I would want All in Ones but today I love prefolds and covers.

Favorite diaper and why?
I like prefolds and covers because they are cheap, never leak, and are super easy to take care of. 

Funniest diapering experience you’ve had?
My mother in law put a diaper on backwards. 

Best environmental change made since having kids? 
Cloth has led me to be more conscious all around. We now use “unpaper” towels and family cloth. 

Best financial change made since having kids?
We have saved so much money by not only using cloth diapers but eliminating disposable products in our house.
Best (healthiest, quickest, cheapest) meal for your kids?
I like to make rice bowls. You can add anything, veggies, black beans, chick peas, and salsa and cheese of course.

Moment you realized “I sound like my parents?"
“Because I said so"

Friday, April 11, 2014

Cloth diapering for those on a budget

Many people are interested in cloth diapering not only to protect the environment, but also to save money. It can be completely overwhelming to research cloth diapers and the price of individual diapers can be very alarming to first-time diaper shoppers. I thought I'd share a few pieces of advice for those budget minded-people who are beginning this journey.  

Here are a few tips:

Opt for prefolds or flats with snappis and PUL covers.  You can even get covers in one-size or two-size options to save money along the way.  Theses diapers are workhorses, easy to use with a little practice, and definitely the most economical way to cloth diaper.  You can read a little about my love of prefolds here:

Set up a gift registry for the items you need. Family and friends can get something you really want for baby and help cut down on the initial cost for you

Make purchases little by little. Budget a little bit each month or each paycheck, prioritize your needs, and make small purchases. 

Consider purchasing seconds straight from manufacturers.  You can browse their websites for special pricing. Often there are diapers with stitching or other cosmetic flaws available at discounted rates.  

Check out used diapers on Craigslist, local diaper swaps, or community parenting groups.  For more information on buying used diapers, read this:

Ask around for friends getting rid of cloth diapers.  Many people will give away their loved cloth diapers once their baby grows out of them.  Others buy them or receive them as gifts and simply don't use them.  I've been the recipient and giver of many free cloth diapers over the last decade.  

Watch for sales alerts.  You can sign up to receive them from GoGoNutural here.  

Participate in giveaway opportunities. Winning FREE diapers or cloth diaper accessories is a great way to build your stash!  

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Washing cloth diapers at the homes of friends or relatives

Are you planning travel that involves staying at the home of relatives or friends?  Have you considered taking your cloth diapers with you?  Here are a few suggestions that might help you navigate the arrangement and maybe even convert your hosts to cloth diaper lovers:

1. Ask your host if they are okay with you using their washing machine and dryer or if they have a place for line drying.  Explain to them that there will be no poop in their washer or clinging to future loads of laundry.  
2. Discuss the possibility of keeping dirty diapers in a specific bathroom so that you can place them directly into a wet bag after depositing waste in the toilet or rinsing the diapers.  
3. Consider a hanging wet bag with a zipper to keep dirty laundry out of the way and smells at bay.  
4. Wash frequently so the diapers don't begin to stink.  
5. Inquire about their regular washing routine so you can plan your diaper loads around their washing needs.  This might also help you determine how many diapers to bring based on how frequently you'll be able to wash.  
6. Don't leave any dirty diapers lying around. Make sure they all make it into the wet bag until wash time.  
7. Be prepared to show off your baby's adorable bum and answer a lot of questions about cloth diapering. 

What to bring:
Diapers-determine how many you'll need based on how often you'll wash them
Wipes-pack a few dozen
Wipe spray-easy to use while on the go
Disposable liners-useful for removing poop from diapers without your normal set up
Wet bags-a few smaller size for on the go and 1-2 large hanging wet bags for dirty diapers between washes
Cloth diaper friendly detergent-you can place measured out single load amounts into baggies for ease of use and portability

Sunday, January 19, 2014

New Year's Resolution: Going Green in 2014!

Do your resolutions include practicing more sustainable living this year?  We have some suggestions on how to go green!  

1. Consider trying out cloth diapers.  Maybe consider a trial with hybrid diapers if you are transitioning from disposables.  You can save money and the environment!  

2. Invest in cloth wipes.  With just a little water, wiping baby's bum is a breeze.  And you can use them over and over.  They are also useful for dirt, blood, runny noses, spills, food on the face, etc. 

3. Use washable nursing pads.  They are comfortable, discreet, and absorbent.  

4.  Switch to mama cloth and menstrual cups.  Remove chemicals from your life, increase you comfort, and reduce your contribution to landfills.  

5. Incorporate reusable bags into your daily life.  Sandwich and snack size bags can be used for meals out of the house or to store some food items in your fridge or cupboards.  Medium size wet bags can be used for toiletry packing, wet swimsuits, diapers, mama cloth, and more.  Consider a pail liner inside your bin to make carting your recyclables to the curb a non-messy trip.

6.  Assess your laundry routine.  Are you using an eco-friendly detergent?  Can you line dry some of your loads to save energy?  Perhaps you might consider using wool dryer balls decrease your drying time.  

Happy Green 2014 to you and yours!  

Keeping it natural

Although microfiber is probably the most commonly used material for cloth diaper inserts, there are a plethora of reasons that people decide to use natural fibers for cloth diapering their baby.  It is easy to find fitted diapers, prefolds, and inserts made of organic cotton, bamboo, and hemp.  There are pocket diapers and AIOs made with natural fibers on the inside against baby's skin.  Wool diaper covers are available for those who want an all natural diapering system. But why keep it natural?

1. Natural fibers are easy to care for

2. Natural fibers are trim

3. Natural fibers are absorbent

4. Natural fibers don't tend to get stinky like microfiber

5. Natural fibers are gentle on sensitive skin

Although natural fibers take a few more wash cycles to reach their peak absorbency before use, and may cost a little more, most people who try them out think it is well worth the investment. 

Here are a few suggestions for natural fiber lovers:

Wool diapercovers by LanaCare, Kiwi Pie, EcoPosh, and Sugar Peas

Fitted diapers by Babykicks

Hybrid diapers like GroVia, Best Bottoms, and Flips offer natural fiber insert options

Pocket diapers by Swaddlebees

AIOs by BumGenius

If you want to add natural fibers to your existing stash, check out the hemp, bamboo, cotton, and silk options available as inserts and doublers

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Magnificent Mom of the Month: December 2013

Meet Sylvia and her adorable daughter!

Using our prefolds for play time! (Stain free yogurt too!)

What should everyone know about your adorable family?

My husband is a total jokester, my daughter, Tatum, takes after her daddy in that way, but is also sensitive like mommy. So, we have an emotional comedian we are raising! We are totally in love with our daughter, and every day she is just more and more of a dream come true! Tantrums and all, we can't get enough of her! She changed out lives, and we really can never be more thankful for her.

How did you get introduced to cloth diapering?

My good friend was bragging about how she saves money, so we tried it, failed horribly, and I didn't want to give up! It took months of testing diapers, but once we found our system, it worked! Now, I enjoy sharing my knowledge with other newbie moms and helping them find their way!

Best diapering tip for a newbie?

Try them all! Don't budge on your limit, and prepare to fall in love with prints! (I was SET on solids... Boy I was mistaken!)

Favorite diaper and why?

WAHM fitted by Doopa Diapies... Well, because it allows us to not use covers or double stuff at night time and she wakes up DRY! We wasted countless hours washing sheets trying to use pockets at night and that was sooo not for us!

Funniest diapering experience you’ve had?

Watching my sister gag as she had to dump and flush my toddler's poo... She was literally in tears! But she did it! Or, maybe the blow out from illness that resulted in us washing her in the tub with her diaper still on because I was scared of what else was in there....

Best environmental change made since having kids? 

I use essential oils, cloth diapers, and dream of having a clothes line! The first two really are the best changes ever...

Best financial change made since having kids?

HOLY cloth diapering. We spent about $40/month in diapers and supplies and that was stretching it... Now we spend about $5/month on wipes because I use them on EVERYTHING. And I quit buying my stash so its all just money for date nights ;)

Best (healthiest, quickest, cheapest) meal for your kids?

Mini meatloaf muffins (for all you meat eaters) OR a nice fat veggie sandwich (lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, pickles, banana peppers, olives, bell peppers, cucumbers, avocado, on wheat with honey mustard.. Heavy on the honey!) the honey makes it sweet and my toddler eats about 2/3 of what I normally can eat! 

Moment you realized “I sound like my parents”?

During my first spring cleaning, I said "this house is a dump" and knew I became my MOM! but also, when I my toddler did something bad and I said "don't tell your father" like my dad always said about my mom... What a good combo!